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I was speechless  It’s amazing!

Donut Pug Location: ArmArtist: Davee Blows

Eating disorders are diseases of silence. We are all silently screaming for something: attention, love, help, escape or forgiveness. Although we might be looking to fill different voids, we never ask for the things we need. We feel unworthy, that for some reason we don’t deserve them. So, we play the game of guess what I need from you. You’re inability to guess just feeds our feelings of worthlessness.

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This quote is just so perfect.

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runway gowns: Tony Yaacoub spring 2014
I am alive. I am here. I am trying. That is enough.
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My heart goes out to these women


Whoever did this is just a real piece of shit. They had no right to go through people’s private pictures just to bring themselves more entertainment. And if you stop supporting these women because of it then you’re just as bad. They did nothing wrong and don’t deserve the inevitable backlash that…

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Am I hipster enough yet?